Flowerbomb Perfume: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum

Why you should choose Flowerbomb Perfume? Perfume preference is a very personal and subjective choice, therefore it is hard to give an unbiased review of this product. I can start off by saying that I usually look for a fresh, clean, “pretty” scent when searching for a perfume. Some other favorites of mine are Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum, Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Parfum, Ralph Lauren Ralph Eau de Toilette and Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette. All of these are very feminine, clean and simple. While this is my preference, many others may enjoy more sweet, spicy or musky perfumes.

When I first smelled Flowerbomb perfume I wasn’t instantly in love; it took a couple sniffs throughout the day to really discover my love for it (and then I used up an entire sample vial in 2 days because I kept spraying it everywhere)! Flowerbomb is sold in several formulas, the most dilute being the Eau de Toilette (which actually smells different to me, and not in a good way….almost like it has citrus in it?), the Eau de Parfum and their most concentrated formula, the Eau Extreme (which smells exactly like the Eau de Parfum, only stronger).

This Flowerbomb perfume can be worn as a daily scent, or just for special events…I find it quite versatile in that manner which makes it flexible with your personality.  I love to wear it all the time- it has almost become a “feel good” scent to me and picks me up from a drab day.  This is the kind of perfume that you want to wear even when no one else is around (I’ve sprayed it on my pillow a few times to enjoy the scent as I fall asleep).
So, everything sounds pretty much perfect right?  Well, of course there has to be a downfall…the outrageous price.  Yes, it is a designer perfume- but the value is still very low compared to many other high end designers.  At nearly $65.00 CDN per ounce (that’s the value of the larger bottle too!), it is an expensive fragrance in my mind however I believe one that is worth it.  The bottle has a very gorgeous design, which resembles *surprise surprise* a grenade (however much more elegantly).  The vaporizer works very well, it provides a nice mist that is not too direct nor too dispersed.
When a perfume is so good that I want to spray it everywhere and smell it all the time, it’s got to be good! I’ve received many compliments on it as well, and it will always leave you feeling pretty, feminine and confident.  It can be a little difficult to find sometimes, as it isn’t available in all department stores or fragrance boutiques.