Flowerbomb Perfume: Flowerbomb Pros and Cons Reviews

Pros: Flowerbomb perfume is the BOMB, no pun intended. The parfum is sexy, ultra-feminen and intoxicating as hell. I can't get enough!
Cons: Are you kidding? It absolutely RockS!
Overall: This fine fragrance is simply a MUST for the discriminating female who dares to be divinely different. The heavenly scent is oooober-delicious and leaves everyone asking- who's that lady? I am a parfum conosseiuir of sorts and this, my friends, is THE ONE you have been searching for. Trust me- It's that GOOD! Oh-BTW: the menzzz are suckers for it ;) Flowerbomb ROCKS!
Pros: scent
Cons: definately the price
Overall: flowerbomb perfume scent is unlike any other and just amazing. it is not overly flowery as the name might suggest. it has great staying power and your clothes will smell of it the next day. my best friend wears this all the time and the scent actually does turn males heards. she has literally been stopped by guys to ask what she is wearing. so if you are woman that wants to turn heads you should definately give this one a try. only downside is that it is so expensive. no woman would be dissapointed to get this one as a present. 
Pros: A light summery floral, very inoffensive, suitable for anyone. Beautiful bottle.
Cons: A bit pricey.
Overall: I won a bottle of Flowerbomb perfume and tried it at Myer first to see if I liked it before opening the packaging. Whilst very pleasant, it didn't say WOW! to me, and as I already have enough perfume, I decided that I don't really need Flowerbomb. 

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